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Over 17 Years Of Consulting

For over 17 years, SCG has been a thought leader, exerting global influence on business Management Systems within a wide variety of industries. We have been elevating the performance of our clients and assisting entire of industries, including Medical, aerospace, food and semiconductor/high-tech, in the effective deployment of leading-edge solutions and technologies, through training, implementation support, 

and innovative, dynamic software solutions and easy understanding training books. As a leading international consulting and training organization with great connections in most of the major markets around the globe, we bring together world-class talent-innovators and leaders in their fields, with a local indigenous presence to deliver high-impact expertise in today’s dynamic international business environment.


Our Vision

Upgrading Implementation of  (ISO) Management System Standards, Training programs empower young people with skills, knowledge and providing a great framework of standardization worldwide by implementing encouraging programs for recognizing National Industrial, agricultural products and services at Regional and International level.


Our Mission

  • Publication high level international Training Books
  • Implementing Train & Employment programs (TEP) worldwide
  • Management Consultancy to the Government’s projects
  • Upgrading Quality and standardization
  • Special Consideration to HealthSafety and Environment


SCG By the Numbers

Silosa Consulting Group Inc. activities and experiences in more than 25 countries :

ISO 14001

ISO 9001

ISO 13485

Other Standards

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Silosa Consulting Group Inc. offers outsourcing services for various Management System  functions such as:

Supplier onboarding assessment, 

Product Certification Audits

Management System development and Continuous performance monitoring

SCG can perform  Pre-assessment, Assessments of Audit, Internal Audits

SCG can execute continual improvement activities to assist organizations

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